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HiQuik is the best and biggest social network built for millennial. It allows them to get connected to their alma mater, and showcase their talent to the community. With more than 5 million users around India, HiQuik enables its users to share their talents, express their posts, interact with like-minded people, post campus events, sell and buy items to your colleagues, and so much more!

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What is HiQuik Network?

HiQuik is the newest way of socializing with your colleagues. Tons of people use HiQuik every day to interact with their alma mater. HiQuik enables users to share articles, express their thoughts, and learn more about the people users meet. HiQuik keeps your network limited and enables you to find people that have similar interests as you. HiQuik lets you upload unlimited articles, pictures, videos, and even publish about the events in college.

Meet Old and New College Friends all over the India

HiQuik circles allow you to interact with your old friends and new colleagues. HiQuik is a platform that is dedicated to bringing you close to your peers. Through HiQuik, users also have the option to post about various college events, helping them to make new friends with similar interests.


Find People with Your Same Interests

HiQuik is the best platform for users to meet new people with the same interests. HiQuik is designed in a way that it allows the users to post about their talents online while also allowing them to search for other users with similar capacities. HiQuik gives users the pleasure of known interaction by sorting all users according to their interests and talents.

The Best Privacy and Control Features

HiQuik’s advanced Privacy and Control features gives you complete control of your circle, allowing you to filter out unwanted connections. It allows users to publish events that take place in their colleges, paving a way for users to meet like-minded people and make long-lasting contacts. HiQuik lets you use category posts to showcase your talents and find other talents as well. HiQuik is a comprehensive platform that lets you engage, and be engaged.


What is HiQuik?

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Community Reviews

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Amazing Community

HiQuik is the best place to find you friends from old and current colleges. The best thing about the HiQuik is there is no outside people from your college and workplace circle. I feel safe here to share my thought to my friends.

Virag Kamdar
Rajkot, IND

This is the Best Social Network ever!

I tried out many social network for youngsters, but HiQuik is different from all of them as here only young people are there. You can share post based on category with your friends.

Ayesha Khan
Bangalore, IND

Meet Like Minded People

Basically I am a dancer from Bangalore Oxford College. I wanted to get connected with dancer community in my college. By HiQuik i joined the best dance group. Hurray!!!

Amit Sharma
Bangalore, IND

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